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Cleere Reunion
Comanche Co. TX

What started out as a 50th wedding anniversary celebration in 1944 for Effie Lee McNeil & Washington Lee Cleere has continued as a family reunion. For many years it was held in the park at Lake Eads, Comanche, TX. After the lake's dam broke, the park was closed. The last several years the Cleere Reunion has been held at the Comanche Community Center for Saturday's gathering and at the city park for Sunday's gathering. Many games of dominos and cards are played; family events are caught up; as well as just plain ol' visiting.

Fifty-six members were in attendance for the 1998 reunion. Family members are living all over Texas and the US. Those attending were mostly from Texas; one cousin from Arkansas was able to make the trip. The next reunion will be the:

55th Annual Cleere Family Reunion
held the 3rd Saturday, July 17, 1999 at the Comanche Community Center
& the following Sunday, July 18, 1999, in the city park which is close-by,
Comanche, TX

1944--1st annual reunion

1st reunion pic

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W. L. & Effie Lee Cleere
with children, their spouses, grandchildren & great-grandchildren

rainbow line

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